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Knife Relationship Advice

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With just a few simple steps, you and your knife will live a long and happy life together

The Blade - Is made of High Carbon Steel. It is a very hard steel with the ability to obtain and hold a razor sharp edge.

Keep it clean. When finished using wipe it down with a wet rag and mild detergent. Then dry it thourally and apply a light coat of olive oil.
Keep it safe. The best place to store your knife is in the box it came in or on a magnetic strip to display.
Keep it cool. Over time your knife will develop a nice patina. Think of this as memories of meals past. This will act as its own protective coating and have a cool smoky appearance.

The Edge - Your knife has a very sharp, very fine edge. Be careful!

Keep it honed. Using a honing rod is probably the most important step to maintaining an enjoyable relatiuonship. Honing doesn’t remove material but it realigns the edge. You can do this as often as you like.
Keep it sharp. Once you aren’t getting the results from the honing rod, it might be time for a sharpen. I will happily do this for you or you can contact your trusted local knife sharpener.

The Handle - Range knives come with a durable bakelite handle. Custom knives come with timber, bone, horn, or other exotic materials.

Keep it clean. After use wipe it down with a wet rag and mild detergent, pay attention to nooks and cranny’s. Never put it in the dish washer!
Keep it dry. After washing be sure to dry it thourally. Don’t leave it laying in the sink or sitting in a drying rack. This is for the safety of both your knife and your fingers.


Just Remember

Things happen… Sometimes you forget to wipe it down, your house guest puts it in the dish washer, the dog eats your homework. Whatever the reason, its ok! Don’t hesitate to contact me, no judgment. Your knife was made to be with you for life and I want you to have a happy life together. Plus, I cant tell you how much I enjoy seeing how they mature!

Looking forward to seeing you soon,


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