Who the heck is Bud?


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Brandyn ‘Bud’ Heyser is the freewheeling creative who owns and makes 13 Knives. Bud left his “birth-hole” in Kentucky in 2013 and drove a home-built motorcycle 12,500km – without maps or GPS – across the United States. Landing in Melbourne in 2015, he spent two years creating furniture for one of the city’s most talked-about designers, Earl Pinto. But knife-making was never far from Bud’s mind, and in 2017 he followed his father and grandfather – and his natural calling – to a forge on Easey Street.

Today, Bud runs an always-open business next door to Paradise Alley – where clients can “drop in anytime and talk knives over a beer”. Bud works through small batches of blades in his personal style, and clients can select their own hardwood handles and pin materials if they get in on a batch early. Bud will also customise classic working knives for discerning outdoorsmen, camping knives for weekend adventurers, and exquisite handcrafted chefs’ and kitchen knives for the ultimate wedding gift.

Product Photography: Greg Holland  & Berto - Portraiture: Laurence James

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