{Melbourne : Australia}

Knives with Two Lives

13 Knives is the only handcrafted knife company in Melbourne that boasts a three-generation blacksmithing pedigree. Established by US-born Brandyn Heyser in the back sheds of Collingwood, 13 Knives prides itself on blending time-honoured artisanal skills with cutting-edge standards of social and environmental responsibility.

13 Knives produces knives of elegance and endurance, forged from a deeply personal love. A love of the environment, which ensures that each knife gives new life to reclaimed steel and offcuts from local furniture-makers. A love of tradition, which demands that each knife tells a story, and tries to last a lifetime. A love of family, which embeds more than a century of blacksmithing in a tool of rare beauty and distinction.

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