Home Spa Treatment

Periodic self service (if you cant make it in to me you can try these at home remedies)


The Blade - if you develop blemishes on the steel that are not the natural patina these are easily rectified. First lay the blade flat on a chopping board and be very mindful of the edge. Clean as much as you can with warm water and a mild detergent. Then take half of a lemon/lime and dip it in some table salt and rub it in a circular motion on the blade. Then use an old green kitchen scrubby and focus on any brown areas in the same circular motion. They should come right off! Rinse off the blade and apply a light coat of olive oil. If you plan to store the blade or don’t use it often mineral oil will keep longer.

The Edge - Being a very fine edge it is possible to slightly roll or chip the edge. If you roll the edge you will feel a very slight burr. This is easily realigned with the honing steel/honing rod/butchers steel. Either a stainless steel or ceramic rod is preferred. Dont use a diamond one, save the diamonds for your lovers. If you have chipped the edge or snapped the tip please contact me or your local trusted knife sharpener. Never try and fix it yourself with a stone, you may unintentionally cause more damage. This is a muscle memory skill that requires constant practice.

The Handle - Water is the enemy here. If for some reason your handle has had prolonged exposure to moisture don’t worry. Just give it a clean and allow it to dry out thourally. Once dry apply a light coat of citrus based oil, this is normally sold as chopping board oil. Follow the instructions on the bottle and wipe it back. Just don’t overdo it, you shouldn’t have to do this often if ever.



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