Common Questions

How much are custom knives?

All knives are custom and made to order. The design, size and materials used all play a factor. Have a look through the website to get a general idea on pricing but always contact me and we will work through the perfect knife for you.

Are custom knives worth the money?

Absolutely! When you buy a custom knife you get exactly what you want.

How are knives made?

There are two methods to making knives, stock removal and hot forging. Stock removal is cold cutting a knife shape out of steel and attaching a handle. Hot forging requires heating and beating the steel to shape instead of cutting to shape.

How knives are forged

Knives are forged upward of 830 C over an anvil. The various parts of the anvil are strategically used to form nearly any shape. Custom tools are also made to further the anvils functions via the hardy hole.

What knives do I need?

This varies greatly depending on what task you are trying to achieve. A knife is a tool and all tools have different uses. There are thousands of different knife designs as a result of this.

How many knives do I need?

This again depends on where you are and what you are doing. In my opinion, you should always have a pocket knife on you for the hundreds of small tasks you will do daily. If you are hiking or camping you need a good fixed blade with a sheath. In the kitchen, you only need two knives, a chef knife and an off the board pairing knife.

What are the best camping knives?

The best camping knife is, hands down, a full tank drop point. This will also need to have a robust handle, proper blade temper, a finger guard to protect you from the blade and a coke bottle shaped handle for a safe and proper grip.

Which knives do chefs use?

Chefs are professionals that have a roll of specialty tools they have collected over their careers. They have built relationships with these knives and they all have their use in one task or another. The number of knives a chef uses is up to each individual chef.

Which chef knives are best?

This is a highly debated and personal subject between chefs. The answer is whichever knife the chef uses. This is why all my chef knives I make are designed with the chefs themselves. We discuss the merits of their knife collection and design their ideal blade together.

How knives are measured?

Knives are usually identified by their blade length. You will sometimes see OAL (overall length) and handle length included.

What chef knives do i need?

You need a chef knife designed for your size and style that will work for the kitchen tasks you intend to use it for.

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