Kitchen chef knife for the home cook for both veggies and seafood with a paring knife and oyster shucker hand foreged and hand made by local blacksmith bud heyser of 13 knives in collingwood melbourne australia
Kitchen Veggie Chopper hand forged in collingwood melbourne by 13 knives great for in the kitchen with a exotic handle of water buffalo horn and gidgee hand made in Australia
Hand made kitchen cleaver hand forged knife from high carbon steel for the kitchen. the handle is made of exotic water buffalo horn and gidgee with precous brass hardware sharp knife by 13 knives

Veggie Cleaver

Regular price $2,350.00 AUD Sale

8" Blade

1084 Hand Forged High Carbon Steel

3 Part Handle of Water Buffalo Horn and Fiddleback Gidgee

Brass Hardware

This is a one off and the only one ever available!

Life Expectancy is 3-6 Generations.

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