Specailty Tool letter opener bone handle high class stiletto brass blade hand mode custom one of a kind luxury collingwood melbourne hand made knives 13 knives thirteen australia
Hand made hand forged custom flatware fork knife spoon spork stainless steel cutlery made in collingwood melbourne victoria australia by 13knives thirteen
hand made special tools for artisan and craftsman forged stainless steel cheese pickles utensiles flatware and cutlery collingwood melbourne australia 13knives thirteen
Hand forged cutlery flatware tea spoon tea fork black stainless steel custom one of a kind high class luxury dining room in collingwood melbourne victoria australia by 13knives thirteen

Specialty Tool

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"If you are working too hard you are using the wrong tool" -Papaw Heyser

Any true craftsman or artisan is bound to have come across a task that if they just had that something extra tool they would be able to do anything. These are the people I love to work with and challenges I like to tackle. If you have an issue you've never seen an answer to then lets sit down and sort that out!

No ideas will go unheard!

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