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Slip Joint Pocket Knife

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A throw back to the knife your Grandpa used to carry. This hand forged pocket knife is the perfect size for your everyday carry. A slip joint doesn't have a lock but it has a very finely tuned tension bar that gives it that smooth old school action yet strong safe and reliable. The blade steel is 1075 high carbon steel which will stay as it is when it leaves my workshop. The handle is made of vintage bakelite with peened over brass pins and chicago screw stamped with a little lotus leaf. The steel is left blackened by the forge and complements the maroon bakelite  and brass hardware quite nicely. Stop by the workshop and give the action a try!


Blade Length: 3.25"

Blade Width: 1"

Overall Length: 7.5”

Steel: 1075 High Carbon Steel

Handle: Vintage Maroon Bakelite

Hardware: Brass

Hand Forged in Collingwood, Australia

By: 13Knives
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