Veggie Chopper
Hand made kitchen knife by collingwood blacksmith 13 knives for chefs and at home kitchen high carbon steel australian
High quality hand made kitchen knife for chefs and foodies melbourne eats cooking from home chopping veggies in the kitchen like carrots for amatures and profeshional knifes hand forged in collingwood melbourne by 13knives blacksmith
how to cook from home knife chef hand made by collingwood melbourne australia blacksmith 13knives high carbon steel brass pins and black bakerlight handle
cooking from home how to chop veggies with a hand forged chefs knife forged by collingwood melbourne australia blacksmith 13 knives
how to hand make blacksmith chef knife in local small business workshop with hammer tongs and anvil in collingwood melbourne australia for kitchen cooking
hand forged local kitchen chef knife made with upcycled and recycled materials for a quality crafted high carbon blade with bakelight and brass in small business workshop in collingwood melbourne australia by 13 knives
made by hand made local craftsman and blacksmith 13 knives kitchen knife for home chefs and cooks in melbourne australia

Veggie Chopper

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Providing the balance of every knife you need in the kitchen with aspects and characteristics of an entire knife set. Ever-reliable, always shows up and never disappoints. Produced in an exclusive limited batch, each hand forged and made in Melbourne, Australia.

Knife specifications:

- Forged from 1084 high carbon steel.
- Complex S Grind for slicing and food release.
- Additional belly girth for knuckle clearance.
- Handle is produced from black Bakelight with brass pins.
- Bakelight has a matte satin finish for easy grip.
- Measurements: 130mm long, 45mm wide 160 grams and suitable for both left and right handed people.

Material Sourcing:

Blade steel - Hidelburge, small company that's been here for 25 years.
Handle Material - Brunswick, upcycled from an electronics component manufacturing company.
Pin Stock - Campbellfield, local family foundry that's have been operating here for over 100 years.
Packaging - Thomastown, 80% recycled and manufactured in their local plant

This means that all materials come from within 20km of the workshop by other local small businesses!


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